Khanda Wallart


The Khanda symbol serves as a cue that we all are duty-bound to take care of those around us, no matter what creed, color, or religion we belong to. As an integration of the concept of one God, oneness in all creation, and harmony between spiritual and secular authorities, the Khanda implore us to look out for one another. It is a call to unity and compassion where we treat each other with compassion and love.

The concept of harmony between all things sees the Khanda symbol take on a deeper spiritual meaning. The Piri and Miri represent the divine and secular forces affecting the soul. The Khanda sword in the center of the symbol symbolizes the ability to slice through the lies of illusion and see things clearly. One can gain expanded consciousness.

The circle stands for the unity of all things and symbolizes one’s harmony and integration with the divine.  We have a realization of one as an infinite being.